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Four principles you must know to choose lamps
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It is very important to choose a suitable light for our home, so how to choose lighting?

What are the principles to follow when selecting lamps?

-1- security

Safety is always the most important thing. You can ask the sales staff to show the relevant 3C report when you buy the lamp. In addition, you can also buy some lamps according to the designer's suggestions about where they are suitable for use. For example, in general, the rest room should use waterproof and anti-fog lamps.

-2- energy saving

For residents, energy saving means saving money. so it's best to choose LED lights and energy-saving light sources when choosing lighting. At present, intelligent energy-saving lamps are the latest trend of the development of the industry. Intelligent lamps with automatic induction switch energy-saving lamps products, this high-tech products can detect the activity of the human body and carry out corresponding on and off operations, to achieve the purpose of energy conservation.

-3- function

Because the room will be divided into different functional areas by us, the lighting in these areas should be different accordingly. In the decoration, different types of lighting should be selected according to the function of the area.

For example, when the office is strict and formal, you can choose panel lamp or linear lamp. The brightness is not dazzling, and the irradiation area is one-to-one, not boring or monotonous.

If it's a bedroom, the bedroom is a private area in the family, and it's also the main place for the residents to rest. In terms of selection, try to choose soft and warm yellow lights, so that the residents can relax and have a good sleep environment.


Lighting and design style must be coordinated, and the overall color coordination or style coordination should be maintained. For example, modern simple style design should choose white or silver gray lamps, while traditional Chinese style design should choose traditional style sheepskin lamps. In addition, it is better to choose series lamps of brand lamps.

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