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How to choose the right lamp according to the different space
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1)Living room

The living room is the largest public activity place in the home, which needs to create a warm atmosphere. Therefore, traditional ceiling lamp or branch lamp can be selected. The lighting configuration of the living room usually uses the light interactive matching of main lighting and auxiliary lighting, which can add the indoor mood by adjusting the brightness and highlights.

2)Dining room

The dining room is where people eat. The lighting not only needs to be soft and beautiful, but also can induce people's appetite. Therefore, the lighting of the dining room needs to be soft and quiet, with enough brightness, and match with the surrounding table, chair and tableware becomes a visual aesthetic feeling;


The color of kitchen lamps should be moderate. It is better to use fluorescent lamps that keep the primary color of fruits and vegetables. The particularity of kitchen determines that the lamps are more practical. In terms of energy saving, there is no need to place too much light.

In addition, intelligent switch can be installed. In order to facilitate housewives to wash and cut vegetables, ceiling lamps or embedded lamps can be installed on the bathtub to provide sufficient light. Wall lamps or tracks can also be installed where special lighting is needed.


The family restroom needs to illuminate the soft light to set off the clean and refreshing atmosphere. The use frequency of the lamp is high. Generally, the ceiling lamp should be selected. The overall lighting of the restroom does not need to be too sufficient, as long as there are several key points. such as
Independent lighting can be set beside the cosmetic mirror, and wall lamps can be installed on the mirror or wall of the washbasin. Our purpose is to make every key part of the toilet fully illuminated.

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